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Open Call 2024 - Group Exhibition
deadline 31 July 2024

at Chiesa di Sant'Ambrogio della Vittoria, Parabiago (MI)



Data di nascita / Date of birth
Professione / Job
Numero moduli espositivi/ Exhibition module amount
n° 1 (100 x 100 cm)
n° 2 (100 x 200 cm)

Please read the Terms of Participation in order to correctly fill in the Application Forms.


Please write to for more information.

By submitting your candidacy through this OPEN CALL you agree to participate in the VANITAS event curated by BeAlpha as an exhibitor whose project, if selected, will be displayed in the desecrated Church of Sant'Ambrogio della Vittoria in Parabiago (Milan) from 4 to 13 October 2024. The selected project will automatically become part of the Nonahora community according to the terms agreed by BeAlpha with the partner and at no additional cost.


The project must meet this year's theme and be relevant to the themes set out in the call for entries, which can be downloaded from the website. The selection criteria will favour artefacts or products proposing a new vision of materials, production techniques and, more generally, design culture.


The candidate, if selected, undertakes to deliver the relevant material concerning the final project by the deadlines indicated in this application form as well as to pay the participation fee as indicated.


Each exhibitor will be allocated one 100x100 cm landscape module, costing 300 euro each + VAT. Each applicant can apply for a maximum of 2 modules). The organisation will be free to decide how to arrange the modules in the exhibition space according to the final layouts.

PLEASE NOTE: BeAlpha provides surfaces (exhibition modules) for free-standing artworks. It is possible to set up your module by providing information regarding the set-up directly in the submission text of your project or through representations, sketches, etc. If you need to display your work as an alternative to the proposed arrangement (e.g. hanging, electrification, etc.) you can enter these queries in the Notes box in the Application Form. 

Terms of Participation

Deadline for submission: 31 July 2024

In case your work is selected, you will receive a confirmation email by 3 August 2024.


Single pieces, limited editions and mass-produced products are allowed. Each selected work will be made available for sale through Nonahora, a partner of the event. The deadline for submitting works to Nonahora is 8 September 2024. The BeAlpha curators will be available to the exhibitor for any details on the procedure.


The Open Call entry materials are as follows:



- Short bio (max 1000 characters, spaces included in Italian and English)

- Project description text (max 2000 characters, spaces included)

- Max 5 images or renderings (see paragraph "Material Delivery")

- Max 1 designer/artist or group/studio portrait image

- Video (optional)


It is compulsory to create a permanent link (Google Drive, Dropbox or similar) to be entered in the Application Form under "Participation material link" together with all the materials required for the application. If you have problems sending the material and/or need support, please email: . If you are selected, we will ask you to provide additional details about yourself.


Images must be in high resolution, in JPG format (we recommend using channels such as Google Drive, Dropbox or similar for the uploading). Image files must not be smaller than 1000 x1000 pixels with 72 dpi resolution. Single files larger than 5 MB will not be accepted. Please assign a name to each file, using the name of the designer/artist and/or group/studio.


PLEASE NOTE: If the images submitted during the application phase (by 31 July 2024) are not the final ones, in case you will be selected, you will be able to submit the final images no later than 8 September 2024.


Additional high-resolution images (portraits, detail images, equipment, etc.) may be requested for each selected project in order to use this material for the exhibition's social activity. In the event that you need to submit a video, please make sure that the link to this file will be provided in the selection form under "Video Links" and that it connects directly to online streaming content that does NOT require a password or subscription for viewing ( channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or similar platforms may be fine by way of example). The Organisation will keep the submitted images of all selected projects and holds the right to use the images in publications and promotional materials. The invoice for the balance of the participation fee will be sent at the same time as the selection notification, and must be paid by 31 August 2024, under penalty of cancellation from the exhibition selection. In the event of renouncement of participation, the Exhibitor must communicate this in writing by e-mail to . The subject line must state: VANITAS BeAlpha 2024 VANITAS PARTICIPATION RESIGNATION - "First Name Last Name".

The exhibitor is entitled to withdraw from the event even after payment of the participation fee, however, in this case the exhibition organisation reserves the right to keep the entire amount paid as compensation. In the event that due to circumstances beyond our control or government restrictions the VANITAS 2024 exhibition should not take place, the exhibitor will be fully refunded the fee paid.


Selected works may either be hand-delivered or posted. In the case of shipping, the artworks must be packed in a reusable package for return shipment, and delivered from Monday 23 September 2024 and strictly by Tuesday 1 October 2024 to the address that will be provided during the deal. The artworks will be exhibited for the duration of the VANITAS exhibition from 4 to 13 October 2024 (Opening hours will be announced in the first week of September 2024).  The artworks will be returned in the way they have been delivered. The warehouse will be available for collection from 14 October to 20 October 2024. The warehouse will charge a fee of €25 per day for the storage of each uncollected work from 21 October 2024. The Exhibitor is fully liable for all delivery/collection costs and any insurance policy for the artwork.


NOTE: For non-EU projects, the exhibitor must use an Italian importer and ensure delivery and collection of the goods by DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipment. The Organisation will not carry out customs clearance of the goods and will not anticipate expenses to couriers relating to the shipment or collection of the works.

Delivery of selected artworks

Please note. Your data are processed for the strictly related purposes of handling your application to participate as an exhibitor, in compliance with the statutes and participation in the activities offered. Furthermore, your personal data will be processed, by the exhibition organisation and its partners, by means of paper and digital (including portable) archives for the aforementioned purposes.

Your personal data will be kept for the time strictly necessary and, in any case, no longer than indicated by current legislation. Once this period has expired, the data will be destroyed. BeAlpha, as Data Controller, processes your personal data in compliance with the GDPR principles.


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