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WE ARE BeAlpha

#BeAlpha is a research project welcoming culture and developing exhibitions and events through an inclusive approach.

The aim of the association is thus to create a point of encounter, connection and sharing through cultural initiatives located throughout Italy.

#BeAlpha is a project by FORO Studio, which curates and supervises the submitted projects, providing the entire project with stylistic and aesthetic coherence.


FORO Studio deals with interior and product design, graphics and brand identity. The match of different creative fields is its strength in devising original projects.


For #BeAlpha FORO Studio designs experiences inviting interaction, arousing amazement and curiosity, allowing the audience to interact with its message.

Collaborators: Giulia Andreata, Carlotta Leoni, Irene Lillocci, Erika Montanaro, Rebecca Pisapia, Maria Francesca Sammito, Giacomo Sartori, Francesca Simeone, Karen Tannous

Art Direction

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